The Union


Imbizo community space opens with a flourish!

The Union conference’s first official community space, Imbizo, opened on Wednesday, with a welcome from The Union’s Executive Director, José Luis Castro, music from Cape Town’s Song Spinners and the collective painting of a huge mural – a visual call to action for world leaders to unite to end TB.

Imbizo is a vibrant space where communities involved in the fight for lung health can come together for discussion, support, learning and inspiration. Imbizo, meaning gathering, usually called by a traditional leader, will host a range of sessions including high-level debate, symposia and abstracts. Vitally, Imbizo is also a creative space – with an indoor football pitch run by Kick TB and HIV, a stage for performances by civil society and community groups and photo exhibition featuring gold miners with silicosis, and their care-givers.

Imbizo events run each day through Sunday.