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Abstract Presentation

Guidelines for abstract presenters


  • Modifications of data or changes are not accepted after the reviewing process. If you have updates, you may share them when you give your presentation.
  • If for any reason you have to cancel your presentation, please notify The Union as soon as possible by sending an e-mail to the following address:
  • If your abstract has been allocated to a specific session, please note that it will not be possible to change the date, time or type of the session.
  • It is strongly recommended that authors bring their letter of acceptance to the conference. This contains information on the reference of their abstract, the title of their abstract, the type of session their abstract has been allocated to, the title of their session and the date and time of their presentation.
  • Although abstracts may be submitted in English, French or Spanish, the official language of this conference is English. With delegates coming from 100 countries, the most common shared language is English — and therefore it is the most common for abstract presentations.
  • Abstracts should not be presented if the content is to be published or presented publicly elsewhere before their presentation at the 2015 Union World Conference on Lung Health. Please read our Conference Embargo Policy.


We are piloting a new system of presenting posters in an electronic format. You must not create a paper poster, rather a short presentation of one single slide. You will be assigned one poster monitor where your poster slide will be displayed. 

Specific guidelines for E-Poster Presentations: 

The time allocated for your presentation is about 5 minutes, including questions and answers.

One single slide created in PowerPoint, 16/9 format, landscape orientation is required. The presentation is to be saved under .pptx format for a better compatibility. The image files need to be inserted into the poster by using the PowerPoint Insert function.


  • You must not prepare a paper poster for oral presentations.
  • We kindly ask you to ensure that the slides contain only a limited amount of information.
  • Text should be large so as to be visible from the back of the room when projected.

Presenting authors should go to the preview room at least two hours before the presentation time to upload their slides. Presentations may not be brought to the presentation room on a USB drive.

Immediately prior to your session, please go to the session room (about 10 minutes in advance) to introduce yourself to the session chairs, assure that your slides have been uploaded and discuss any questions you may have about the use of the presentation equipment.

The session chairs have been instructed to ensure that speakers keep to the timetable as planned.

The room will be equipped with a PowerPoint slide projector

Specific guidelines for Oral Abstract Presentations: 

The time allocated for your presentation is about 10 minutes, including questions and answers.

Specific guidelines for Oral Poster Presentations: 

The time allocated for your presentation is about 5 minutes, including questions and answers. We ask that you present a maximum of 3 slides (this does not include cover or acknowledgements).


Presenting author must be present at their posters during the session, at which time the chair will visit the posters with the other authors and participants for a group discussion. The presenting author should be prepared to speak briefly about the poster and answer any questions about the information presented. Be sure to make a note of the date and time of your poster presentation. These details are provided in the confirmation letter. The poster discussion sessions will be offered in the Poster Area - Hall 3 

This is an on-the-spot discussion; no facilities for overheads, slides, etc. are available. Authors are requested to post their abstracts on the boards for three days, from 4 to 6 December. This will give participants the opportunity to visit the posters outside official session times.

Set-up: You may set up your poster as of 14:00 on Thursday, 3 December. If you are presenting on Friday, 4 December, please make sure that your abstract is posted before 12:30, at which time the session will start.

Take-down: All posters must be removed between 14:00 and 16:00 on Sunday, 6 December.

Technical specifications for the preparation and display of your poster:

- The size of the poster board is 95 cm wide by 235 cm high. Poster boards are white.The poster can have any size (one big poster or several small posters) as long as it fits the poster board.

If you intend to make one big poster, please note that it should have a portrait layout (vertical). Landscape posters (horizontal) will not fit into the poster boards. 

- Presenters are requested to bring the notification of acceptance of their abstracts including the details about their session date, time and title

- Double-faced tape will be provided at the Poster Desk

Please note: Authors are advised to travel with their posters and not send them prior to their arrival at the conference venue. Authors are responsible for their posters and should not leave them unattended in the Poster Area before they are hung. The Union declines responsibility for any material lost or damaged onsite.


Thank you for presenting your research at the 46th Union World Conference on Lung Health. Your contribution to the scientific programme is very important, and we hope your experience will be both positive and stimulating.


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