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7. Tuberculosis infection control - Virginia Lipke (Switzerland), Max Meis (Netherlands)

Room: MR 2.61–2.63

Several tools and checklists have been developed to monitor TB infection control implementation since the release of the WHO policy in 2009. Few have been field-tested on a meaningful scale and actually validated. In the meet-the-experts session two ‘IC practitioners’ will discuss the comparative advantages and disadvantages of these tools. A validated and practical tool that has been developed and field-tested in several countries to measure compliance with TB infection control standards will be promoted and discussed. The tool can be used as a stand-alone tool or integrated into a more comprehensive quality-of-care tool or supervision tool. Copies will be available to the attendees.

Topics Legend

CLH = Child TB & Lung Health

CS = Civil Society


LH = Lung Health


NCDs = Non-Communicable Diseases

NAPs = Nursing & Allied Professions

TC = Tobacco Control

TB = Tuberculosis

ZOO = Zoonotic TB

RES = Research