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4. Tobacco industry interference with tobacco control – Lekhan Ayo-Yusuf (South Africa)

Room: MR 2.64–2.66

The WHO Framework Convention on Tobacco Control (FCTC) Article 5.3 is one of the cross-cutting provisions of this public health treaty that expects parties to implement measures to prevent tobacco industry interference at all branches of government, in order to protect public health policy development and implementation. This session would present a summary of findings from the evaluation of 10 African countries legislation/policy adoption efforts and explores the role of tobacco industry interference (TII) and how advocates countered these interferences in order to get policy adoption. Finally, the session will present potential instruments for surveillance of TII and compares findings from an effort to pilot its use in Uganda with findings from South East Asia, where the same instrument was first used.

Topics Legend

CLH = Child TB & Lung Health

CS = Civil Society


LH = Lung Health


NCDs = Non-Communicable Diseases

NAPs = Nursing & Allied Professions

TC = Tobacco Control

TB = Tuberculosis

ZOO = Zoonotic TB

RES = Research