The Union

The Mask: A play performed by the PEP Street Theatre Project

Room: IMBIZO Hall 4B

Facilitator: Astrid von Koetze (PEP Street Theatre Project)

This is a play devised and performed by the PEP Street Theatre Project. The play tackles the issue of TB with questions such as

  • How do you know whether you may have TB?
  • How do you catch TB – and what should you do if you suspect infection?
  • Why is there such a stigma attached to TB?
  • How does the high rate of infection in poor areas exacerbate the stigma?
  • What can we do about it?
  • How do you cure TB?

The purpose of the play is to entertain and educate: it gives information and it challenges the audience to break the silence around TB. The performance is suitable for all audiences.

Topics Legend

CLH = Child TB & Lung Health

CS = Civil Society


LH = Lung Health


NCDs = Non-Communicable Diseases

NAPs = Nursing & Allied Professions

TC = Tobacco Control

TB = Tuberculosis

ZOO = Zoonotic TB

RES = Research